Trimming and Pruning

For the more aesthetic side of things, our trimming and pruning department will tidy up your property and help it look better than ever before. Our staff is dedicated to Cherokee Wright affordable heights all about trees.

We have beauty specialists that can give you a free consultation on what we can do for you to make your property look better. Remember, a more aesthetically appealing property can oftentimes boost property value in the eyes of appraisers!

Getting Started

If you are unsure on how the process works for acquiring our branch trimming and cutting services, don’t sweat it. Let us be your guide! We’ve included a short timeline that will help you understand what happens during the process and when. Keep on reading down below for all of the important information!

Get a (free) consultation and quote

One of the best things that customers say about our company is that we offer free estimates and consultations. We do this because we want to help you out and give you some direction. Most people on our staff have spent their lives doing this, so we have all the knowledge that you need!

What you should do is get in touch with us about prospective branches that may need to be removed. Then, you can set up an appointment with us where we’ll come over to your property to see what you would like to do with those branches. If you would also like a consultation, we will gladly give you one.

Get those branches trimmed!

The next and final step is an easy one. You just have to work out a date with us to come trim your branches. From there on, we’ll take the wheel and make sure that your property is much more beautiful than before we came.

For a limited time, we are also offering discounts to new customers, so if you haven’t worked with us yet, here is your chance!