About FTSC


Hi there!

Thank you so much for visiting us here on the internet. We’re happy you’ve come online to check out what we have to offer here at Family Tree Service Centers.

After requesting our services, many customers of ours are left in wonderment by the kindness of our staff. Several of our customers have asked how they get such good service from us. The short answer is that we want to treat our customers like family. However, to understand this concept, you should read on down below to find out about our company’s background.

Starting as a Family

This company is a family owned company (hence the name), run by two brothers and a sister. ¬†We’ve been involved in taking care of trees and working with wood all of our lives.

When we were growing up, our dad ran a small Christmas tree farm in rural Minnesota. As we got older, we had to help with the tree farm, as it was our family’s main source of income for those seasons. We removed trees so customers could take them home. We also cut branches to make wreaths.

As we got older, our passion for trees was as strong as ever. However, we had a burning desire for business as well. After our dad died, we took over the family business and decided to expand our operation to a tree removal and branch trimming service on peoples’ properties. We used these removals as discount Christmas trees as well as constituents for wreaths.

We’re happy to continue our work in this area!